Our Programs
Through our comprehensive programming, we deliver the best early learning experiences and family support so every child succeeds in school and in life.

Our Centers

We operate four early learning centers in the Near East and Linden neighborhoods of Columbus. We serve children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. Our centers use a play-based curriculum (The Creative Curriculum) and positive discipline to meet the needs of our students at our four locations. Our student to teacher ratios exceed state requirements, allowing our teachers to provide more attentive care and individualized instruction to prepare every child for kindergarten. Our teachers are well educated in the field of early childhood education and child development. All of our centers are rated 3 or more stars by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Step-Up to Quality Star Rating System.

In addition to providing early learning services at our four centers, we have other programs for families who do not qualify for financial aide or do not have the resources to maintain regular attendance at our centers.


The ParentChild+ model, developed in 1965, is designed to build school readiness where it starts: the home. ParentChild+'s in-home approach makes it convenient for underserved families isolated by poverty, language barriers, and lack of transportation to participate in high quality, educational early childhood services.  Each family is matched with a community-based Early Learning Specialist (ELS) who, if possible, shares the family’s cultural background and language.  The visits are a half-hour, twice-a-week over a two-year period, and are scheduled at a time that is convenient for the family.

Each week, the ELS brings a new high-quality book or educational toy that is a gift to the family and often the first in the home.  Using the book or toy, the visitor models reading, conversation, and play activities designed to stimulate parent-child interaction and promote the development of the verbal, cognitive, and social-emotional skills that are critical for children’s school readiness and long-term school success.


Cause for Joy

Cause for Joy is a mentoring program for pregnant women and new moms that live on the Near East side of Columbus and are at a high risk for infant mortality. Mothers are paired with mentors from the community. Together with their mentors and the program manager, Barbara Clark, women work to build stability in their lives for themselves and their children. Women meet with their mentor at least twice a week and attend monthly meetings with the entire cohort that focus on a unique topic, such as budgeting and avoiding toxic relationships. Mentors connect their mentees to resources in the community.

Cause for Joy is a comprehensive program. Women work on improving their relationships, finding stable employment and housing, and ensuring their children spend their time in a safe and supportive environment. With the guidance of their mentor and connection to community resources, women build a better life for themselves and their children.

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