Welcome to Columbus Early Learning Centers!

A Foundation of Success for Children & Families

At Columbus Early Learning Centers, we’ve been providing nurturing care and meaningful early learning experiences to our city’s children for more than 125 years. Our tradition of affordable access to high-quality early childhood education has strengthened the lives of thousands of children and families and the communities in which they live.

Our research-based program provides:

  • Nurturing adult relationships;
  • Supported interactions with peers;
  • Stimulating learning environments;
  • Child-guided indoor & outdoor play;
  • Enrichment experiences with community partners;
  • Healthy mealtimes & nap times.

Our Mission:

Doing what it takes to deliver the best early learning experiences and family support so every child succeeds in school and in life.

Our Values:

  • Access to all families through affordable tuition structure.
  • Access to all children, particularly those at risk for later school challenges.
  • Mutually respectful environment in which children, families and staff work together toward success.
  • Nurturing family atmosphere in which children, families and staff are physically and emotionally safe and secure. 
  • Inclusive environment in which diversity of people and ideas is an organizational commitment.
  • Evidence-based curriculum emphasizing meaningful play, exploration and discovery.
  • Continuous professional development of qualified staff.
  • Reflective thinking, creative problem-solving and innovation.
  • Community collaboration.
  • Responsible, efficient financial and business practices.
  • Relentless advocacy for children, families, staff and early childhood education.