We provide education to children during the most critical period of a person’s life through year-round, all-day programming and home visiting. By providing accessible care to families, we reduce financial and professional barriers to overcoming poverty. 

Education & Care Centers

We operate five early learning centers in the Near East and Linden neighborhoods of Columbus serving children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. Our centers use a play-based curriculum (The Creative Curriculum) and positive discipline to meet the individual needs of each of our students. Our child-to-teacher ratios exceed state requirements, allowing our teachers to provide more attentive care and individualized instruction. Our teachers are well-educated in the field of early childhood education and child development. All of our centers are rated 4 or more stars by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ Step-Up to Quality Star Rating System.

Home Visiting

The ParentChild+ model, developed in 1965, is designed to build school readiness where it starts: the home. ParentChild+’s in-home approach makes it convenient for underserved families isolated by poverty, language barriers, and limited transportation to participate in high-quality, educational early childhood services.  Each family is matched with a community-based Early Learning Specialist (ELS). The visits are half-hour, twice-a-week over a two-year period, and are scheduled at a convenient time for the family.

Each week, the ELS brings a new high-quality book or educational toy that is a gift to the family. Using the book or toy, the visitor models reading, conversation, and play activities designed to stimulate parent-child interaction and promote the development of the verbal, cognitive, and social-emotional skills that are critical for children’s school readiness and long-term school success.

Prevent Child Abuse America implemented Healthy Families America (HFA) in 1992, building on two decades of research in the field of home visitation. HFA is a nationally recognized, voluntary service that connects overburdened expectant parents and parents of newborns with free child development assistance in their homes. Well-respected, extensively- trained assessment workers and home visitors provide valuable guidance, information, and support to help parents be the best parents they can be.

Based on our years of experience and research, we know that home visiting promotes optimal long-term mental and physical health of parents and their children.

Our Mission

We help young learners develop, families succeed, and neighborhoods thrive by giving children a foundation for future success in school and life through excellent early learning experiences.