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Young children experience their world as an environment of relationships, and these relationships affect virtually all aspects of their development -- intellectual, social, emotional, physical, behavioral and moral.
- the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

Responsive Caregiving

Promoting Secure Attachments and Healthy Relationships

The heart of a high-quality early learning environment is the relationship among adults and children, and children and their peers. At Columbus Early Learning Centers we know that young children are not only developing knowledge and skills as they grow, but also feelings and attitudes about themselves as learners and citizens of a community. We value children’s creativity, imagination, wonder and joy. We believe that young children are worthy of our nurturing care and respect.

Our teachers help children build warm, positive, consistent relationships by:

  • Developing strong partnerships with families.
  • Respecting each child as a unique individual.
  • Being sensitive to children’s individual needs by observing closely and learning the cues children use to communicate.
  • Nurturing children with gentleness, affection, comforting assistance and shared experiences.
  • Responding appropriately to children’s strong emotions;
  • Encouraging clear, open communication.
  • Being positive and enthusiastic about learning.

From infancy, through toddlerhood and into the preschool years, healthy relationships help children develop the attributes of active, confident, effective learners. It is through responsive caregiving and healthy relationships that children truly develop the foundation for success in school and in life.


Intentional Teaching

Promoting Meaningful Learning Experiences

Intentional teachers act with knowledge and purpose to ensure that young children acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in school and in life. At Columbus Early Learning Centers we know that meaningful learning doesn't happen by chance—it is thoughtfully planned and purposefully connected to specific goals.

Our teachers intentionally plan for the:

  • Physical environment -- providing a safe, healthy, engaging and organized classroom.
  • Emotional environment -- respecting differences and planning for individual needs.
  • Learning environment -- promoting play as the best way to learn, planning for both child-guided and adult-guided experiences and integrating learning in all domains.

At Columbus Early Learning Centers we implement a comprehensive curriculum and assessment system, Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies GOLD. This research-based curriculum is grounded in the understanding that play is the primary way children learn about the world and is aligned with Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards.

Our teachers understand that it is by listening to children, observing them at play and providing them with appropriate environments and materials that curriculum is constructed. It is of primary importance to the successful growth and development of each individual child that curriculum meets them where they are and helps them progress in their own time.